What People Are Saying

  • I got a small breakfast board. it was beautiful and delicious. i remembered i wanted to take a picture about half way thru consuming it! Ordered another box last week - hot chocolate this time! it was so yummy. and beautiful.
    Thanks y’all!!
    -Cindy Cox | Facebook
  • Thank you for the fabulous Board I purchased today! Also thank you for the call you took time to make back to me to ensure my Board was perfect for the next day ! I will be back!
    -Rhondas James | Facebook
  • Got a small bento box for a friend as a birthday present, it was PERFECT! Affordable, the perfect size, and arranged amazingly! She loved it 😍
    -Carlee Leopard | Facebook

  • I ordered a board for a birthday party. Everything was deliciously wonderful! Beautiful presentation!! Thank you Ladies!!!
    -Charlene Crosby Crisp | Facebook

  • First time ordering and was very impressed with the quality and quantity of the Board! Made a beautiful Anniversary surprise!
    -Rebecca Spires | Facebook
  • When my family Dr. opened her new office I sent a Board to her entire office to celebrate their accomplishment. My Dr. and her staff totally enjoyed snacking on the Board all day. it was a great gift for everyone!
    -Jeri Oxenreider Barrett | Facebook
  • I’ve loved every board I’ve ordered for myself, get togethers, and just for the kids!!! It’s so convenient to have them delivered right to your door or backyard!!!!🇱🇷❤️🤍💙🇱🇷
    -Jenn Farmer | Facebook